This is an English translation about KMM's fan meeting.

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This is an English translation about KMM's fan meeting.

Postby koguma » Sun May 17, 2015 06:45

Hi, all MMI ladies.

It's koguma, MMI PR leader admin. :P

As you know, I went to KMM's fan meeting at Seoul on 5th March.

Later, I recieved the English translation of fan meeting from Ms. Sujin.

Ms. Sujin is a member of Korean official fan club "SARANGHAGI".

Ms. Sujin is a Korean student, very good English speaker.
She gave us the English translation of some KMM's talking for MMI members.

Thank you Ms. Sujin! :thankyou:

This is her translation about KMM's fan meeting. :read:

PLease enjoy it! :rollinglol:


On 2015. 5th March.

KMM appeared.

2015_0307_140538-IMG_5387 - コピー.JPG


Kim Myung Min: (Greetings), I have seen you all very often nowadays (in Detective K2 Cinema Greetings) I still remember that my big fans were waving handkerchiefs to greet me last time, which made me moved.
Fans: Really? (Laughs).
K: Generally, when OH Dal-su, Lee Yeon-hee and I went out for Cinema Greetings, I expected Ms.Lee has more fans than Mr. OH and me, but wherever we all go, my fans are always welcome me.
F: {Shouting)
K: When we received flowers, most of them were from my fans so it felt sorry for Ms. LEE and Mr. OH. I wondered how my fans were able to come to the places where I go.
F: (Laughter)
Kim: Do you have cars? Your mobility is unbelievable!
F: By Subway.
K: Oh, Subway! We used rented bus for cinema greetings but had difficulty moving because of traffic jam. But whenever we arrived at the place, you all already arrived and were prepared. That made us very shocked. Perhaps, this is the most attractive thing to go to Cinema greetings. You have trained me in a wrong way, because I might disappointed if you came less than as usual (laugh).
2015_0307_135944-IMG_5369 - コピー.JPG

F: We will keep going wherever you go (laughs).
K: We will see (laughs). On the other hand, it would be great if we keep up the score.
I saw pre-edited version of DK2 in October last year. Director KIM Seok-yoon has an urgent temper so he gave me before. Frankly, after I saw the film, I was not that satisfied with it.

F: (Giggling)
K: (Laugh) Why are you laughing at? You probably agreed with my mind. But I could not show my dissatisfaction to director Kim as an actor. All of our office members watched pre-edited version together. The thing is nobody spoke about the film (Laugh). My mind went blank at that time.
Fortunately, after CG, BGM, and other special effects were inserted, the film became a way more improved. I could not relieve some extent of pressure until I saw improved version in the VIP screening.
The reason that I was depressed after I saw pre-edited version was that I had certain expectation to DK2. That is why I told to my fans not to anticipate so high to this new film. After film screening some colleagues anticipated more than a thousand viewers. As you know, the Korean movie market is hard to make a movie, achieving one thousand viewers. I can tell that 30~40 million viewers to DK2 was “well done”considering the DK2’s quality and competitive film industry. I just wanted to talk honestly in front of you all.
It has been a while since I checked the amount of viewers of DK2. Ironically, news about making Detective K 3 is hearing from somewhere.

F: Yeah!
F: Great! (Clapping hands, Cheerful)
K: To plan the third series, DK2 film crews should reflect ourselves. We hope to end up with the DK3 if we happen to have an opportunity to conclude Detective K series.
While Director KIM and I were going to the Cinema Greetings that held in Busan by train, Director KIM was right next me. During more than 2 hours, we discussed drawback of DK2 until the train got to Busan Station. Director KIM was also reflecting the movie passionately. (Laughs) He caught a sort of shortcomings so fast. However it cannot make him give up planning to make DK3.
Shall we end up telling story of DK2 from now? (Laugh) it will not end soon if we keep going (laughs).

F: (Regret/Laughter)
M:(He is sitting in a chair) OK……well.. May I sit a little and stand up soon?
F: Sure. You can.
M: (After sitting in the chair, looking around all the fans) I like to carry on our meeting progress in this way how about you?
F: (Someone say) We love it! So Handsome!
M: Yeah, our fan meeting is very unique because we communicate interactively compared to any other fan meetings.
In the past we had special events such as the 10th anniversary fan meeting. At that time, it was even unfamiliar to me, thus it felt a bit stressful.
Some fans might prefer to that kind of meeting but I was not fit in show-based fan meeting. That’s because I like to meet person to person and get to know each other intimately rather than to hold superficial fan meetings.
(He suddenly seems odd).Do you have any dissatisfaction?

F: (Laughing bursts out) Not at all (laughs).

2015_0307_153210-IMG_5506 - コピー.JPG

2015_0307_144830-IMG_5445 - コピー - コピー.JPG

Q: What’s your priority when you decide scenario?
Above all, I consider how interesting the scenario is. Recently, I often consider who the director is (laughs).
I am sure you know why. To me, Well- organized narrative is an essential factor. Besides, harmony between characters and the core point that the movie wants to imply is also important.
Q: Did Pandora, your next movie start shooting?
Yes, it starts shooting today.
Q: You have a role of president in Pandora, is it a cameo part?
It is a relatively big portion compared to cameo acting. Actually, I was the first person casted for the movie Pandora but director wanted me to act president role only. In fact, as soon as I got a script it does not seem that president role is important.
But it seemed the movie could be less impressive if the president does not exist. Right now, facing first shooting, my character became a way more important than before I accepted my role. (Naughty) Probably it’s because the director changed my portion in some extent as I participate in that movie(laughs).
Kim Nam-gil, an actor, took a main role. He is suffering from taking harsh scenes such as shooting exploded nuclear plants episodes for the movie. In contrast, president is just sitting in The Blue House gently and listening to briefing from prime minister.
Q: What are you preparing for the president role?
M: Generally, when we think of president, we can imagine president’s appearance including motion and voices. The president who I have to act is younger than the average age of president. Considering his age, he can be more passionate, and he is people-oriented.
In the beginning, prime minister and subordinates tends to sway the president so he cannot speak out his opinion well. However, as the time goes by, he became a commander in government by showing his justice- based leadership. You can see not only the normal image of president (in the beginning) but also the idealistic aspect of president (in the end).
Q: I am waiting for your acting in play and musical as I remembered you mention in previous interview that you wanted to act in play or musical. How do you think of play and musical?
I’d love to and I was eager to act in the play. I think the problem is my character. When acting, I prepare for my role in the long-term even right before shooting. However, play market is based on short term pre-production system such as three weeks or two weeks to ready for play. Maybe it will take some time until I get close to the play production environment.
Hmm, Musical? I don’t even think of that. There are already so many galaxies of musical stars. It is enough.
Can’t you be satisfied with seeing my performance in TV drama and movie? (Laughs)
Q: We hope to see you closely such as play. We can feel your acting lively there (laughs).
I see. In case of musical, it is expensive. I guess you may spend quite a lot of money to see my musical. Anyway, I have never been thinking about musical but trying to act in play in theater.
Q: How do you think about becoming a director?
Not at all. I don’t even imagine that. Well, sometimes I felt stuffy during film production period. There were some cases that I could not agree with director’s cut. In this situation, I try to be more careful because I cannot hear any voices except what I am thinking. Of course, there are somethings happen like camera work cannot follow up actor’s acting or even actors cannot understand director’s direction. Nevertheless, I don’t have intention to interrupt director’s rights.
Q: What about showing up in the variety show?
I am holding my answer to their call. Our office members are suffer from rejecting request from TV variety show staffs. Probably I will not show up in variety show until there are some big changes in my mind. No matter what variety show I will show up, it will not be done to promote my film or drama. I have intention to perform in TV variety show not related to advertising my artwork.

Q: Specifically which variety program you wants to appear?
Which program, well, I often watch“Three meals a day”nowadays. I have not mentioned that I want to take part in that TV show (laughs).
Q: How was the appearance in Newsroom aired in JTBC?
It took a while to decide to show up in Newsroom (*one of famous news programs in Republic of Korea). I need to do something to promote DK2. I was pondering to show up one of famous news program for movie promotion. In addition, the main anchor is SON Suk-hee, who is cool headed and reasonable broadcasting host, made me nervous. Fortunately, the results was not bad
Q: Did you have pre-asked questions to prepare before shooting in studio?
Yes, but it did not overlapped at all (laughs).

Q: We heard that you are preparing not only for Pandora but also for Letters form the jail. What are your plans?
Yes, I already decided to participate in Letters form the jail. However, considering my absent period in 2013, I should not be satisfied with the current situation.
Q: Hi, I am 3rd grade in high school, and I am preparing for college-entrance exam, especially for university of film and theater. I am highly interested in directing as well. As a predecessor, can you give me an advice?
If I were you, I would read a lot of books. It is necessary to read all kinds of books of films and plays. It will be all your assets in life.
Q: Where are your hidden place to drink Makgeolli (one of traditional Korean rice wine) with Mr. OH Dal-su? One of our Japanese fans requested me to ask you about this.
There are two places in Apgujeong-dong. Their name is ‘Walseonnae’ and ‘Wall of Alcohol in moonlight’. I have been‘Wall of Alcohol in moonlight’ twice but I think ‘Walseonnae’ is better. It is close to Apgujeong CGV. You can search for it.
Q: Do you have some impressive arts among recent films and dramas that you watched?
Big hero and Whiplash was impressive. In drama, I rarely watch TV dramas. I often see my dramas which is for duty that I have to monitor my acting but according to the other dramas, I rarely see TV programs.
-Who do you think is a faithful and diligent actor or passionate actor among the actors and actress who are working with?
You mean as earnest as me (laughs)? Seriously, I think no one is more diligent than me (laughs). Maybe it could be up to how we define‘diligent’. I measured the person’s sincerity by diligence such as how early the person come to workplace. So far, I could not find the person who come the location earlier than me.
Q: When did you arrive here today?
Today? You know it seems a little bit weird that I am telling this. In fact, my hair make-up was done earlier than as usual today so I can have more spare time until fan-meeting started. I took my time by hanging around in parking lot or by sitting in my car until our meeting began.
I was willing to enter this room as fast as I can but staffs told me I have to wait a while. Anyway, I got here a little earlier. Should you really know this (laughs)? We started at 14:00 P.M, isn’t it? So I came one hour before.
Q: In DK2, from the beginning Mr. Kim in the film was ordered to be banished. Why he was exiled by the king? The reason I ask is because there was no clue or explanation about it in the film even at the prologue.
It is kind of “Jump” in our movie’s synopsis. As you know, Detective K series is not logical. Our director and many staff members of the DK2 series aware and regret that kind of problem. In DK3, we will reject to put some devices which might be felt not logical or reasonable.
Q: Do you have any memorable episodes when you were undergraduate students?
Wow, in undergraduate years, you all might have good memories in college campus. In my case, the university did not have a campus. It was so small that it seemed we don’t have a campus.
Furthermore, college life, including high school 2~3rd grade period was what I hoped to cast away in my lifetime. I went college very aggressively.
I left my house when I was 3rd grade in high school and I didn’t came back to house because of my life path matters. And naturally it affected to my college life. My parents had never been to my college even at my graduation work which I took a main character. The time when they finally accepted me as an actor was after they saw me at TV drama named Immortal Yi Soon Shin. It was tough time for me but that period made me stronger.
In Sum, I have rather sad but thankful memories of undergraduate years.
Q: Have you ever satisfied with some of scenes you acted? Because I suppose some of them could come out perfectly as you intended when the film was completed.
I have never satisfied with every single scene in my work. Editing period in production season have a lot of possibilities to change actor’s intention of acting in each scene. Especially in movie production. No one knows how the movie can be changed during post production season. On the other hand, in TV drama production, it has so short time editing that TV dramas comes out mostly as similar as what actors assume.
Sometimes I really wanted to go editing room to appeal my acting intention. In fact, some actors go to editing office in post - production season during almost 2~3 months. However, I try not to go there as I do not want to interrupt director’s intention. But it is hard to endure (laugh).
Q: Do you have some movie that you wanted to act among international movie?
Robert De Niro’s role in <The Pan> (1996), and Colin Firth’s role in <King’s Speech> (2010).
Q: What role do you want to act in the future?
Well, firstly I became fulfilled my objection; getting role of four great desires by men; General (Immortal Yi Soon Shin), Conductor (Beethoven’s Virus), President (Pandora). In the future, I want to have a role of billionaire or a man who has two faces.
Q: What is your happiest moment as an actor?
This moment. And the moment that I meet my fans like you all. The feeling that I am being loved, supported and warm-welcomed by someone is unforgettable. Frankly, I secretly entered official fan community when I felt down. It helps me a lot and whenever I meet you all, it is my happiest moment in my life.

2015_0307_152415-IMG_5494 - コピー - コピー.JPG

2015_0307_152403-IMG_5492 - コピー.JPG

2015_0307_154113-IMG_5527 - コピー.JPG

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Re: This is an English translation about KMM's fan meeting.

Postby Wanwalai » Mon May 18, 2015 05:21

Hello Koguma :hello:

Thanks for this wonderful dialog translation and also Thanks to Ms.Sujin for her effort to tranferred this beautiful conversation for us too.. :thankyou:
I do appreciated our dear KMM's words at "...Frankly, I secretly entered official fan community when I felt down. It helps me a lot and whenever I meet you all, it is my happiest moment in my life..." this means our voices here will always support him whenever he feel bad..such a sweet person :dokkidokki: :dokkidokki:

So,let's cheer our beloved KMM together with hands in hands :cheer: :cheer:

All my love to all MMIers. :rose: :rose:

Wanwalai-Goy :wave:
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Re: This is an English translation about KMM's fan meeting.

Postby Mingmingbaibai09 » Tue May 19, 2015 12:25

A huge "thank you" to Ms. Sujin.
Amazing!! This fan meeting was just so fun and meaningful.
KMM's fans for sure will be there for him forever!
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Re: This is an English translation about KMM's fan meeting.

Postby yuson » Sat May 23, 2015 10:22

Dear koguma.

Thank you very much for introduction on a nice report.
Ms. Sujin. Thank you very much for your nice report.

I feel his sincerity in the words of KMM. :rose:
It's attracted by KMM so that I know talk of KMM. :love:
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Re: This is an English translation about KMM's fan meeting.

Postby may7 » Wed May 27, 2015 01:37

thanks to Koguma and Sujin :rose:

I have translated to Chinese and share the joyce with Baidu KMM fans :ballon:

wonder whether KMM do come to MMI to read our messages secretly :mrgreen: :lol:
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