The official announcement from MMent. about KMM.

The official announcement from MMent. about KMM.

Postby koguma » Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:11

Hello, All MMI ladies!

It's koguma, MMI PR admin.

The other day, we,MMI, have gotten the official announcement about KMM's recent work from Kim Myung Min's office MM entertainment.

Mr. Kim Myung Min's shooting in the movie "Pandora" ,role of Korean President as Special appearance, the all has finished already,

Currently KMM already begun shooting the next starring role "Letter from A Prison", he is working passionate about it.

And also KMM works In progress simultaneously with SBS drama,"Six dragons fly" , until the shooting crank up of "Letter from prison" .

MM entertainment said to us.

"These works will be fairly tight schedule for KMM, but our actor Kim Myung Min, long time, eagerly has been preparing for these work,
So, Fan Everybody, PLease wait to believe to not be relied worry ".


This photo is a one scene of "PANDORA"
KMM seems doing role of President.


This photo is Ritual for praying shooting safety for "Letter from prison" on 7th JUNE.
The movie shooting already has started.


The photo is a Script of the first episode of "six dragons fly".
The Script reading also has started already.

All MMI Ladies! :announce:
Let's cheer KMM more and more! :cheer: :cheer:

MMI will start "KMM cheering Project" soon!

The announce coming soon! :announce: :announce:

Join us! Thank you!


photos from SARANHAGI & Osen
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