MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby beekay » Wed Dec 05, 2012 15:22

Please post your message to the cast&crew of SBS drama "Drama King" here. :)
  • Registration to MMI Forum is not required.
  • Messages in all languages are fine. KMM can understand messages in Korean and English. For the other actors, director, crew, I'm not sure which languages they speak, so your message might not be understood.
  • If possible, state your country in the post. :)
  • Please keep your post in a civilized tone. :)

The messages will be sent to KMM via his management on 17th December. :read:
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Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby jrw » Wed Dec 05, 2012 15:55

I would like to see Kiss scene btw Anthony Kim and Lee Go-eun :dokkidokki:

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby WAWA » Wed Dec 05, 2012 18:07

Keep up the great work! You guys are awesome!

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby Sabah » Wed Dec 05, 2012 20:37

I truly respect and admire your work. Anthony is a characterization that could have easily come off as arrogant and two dimensional but your layering and detailing of the character has made him a delight to watch. Your portrayal scorches the screen so that we are left warm and not burnt by the intensity. I am enjoying your performance immensely. Thank you for your hard work. I wish you success upon success.

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby DullyNoted » Wed Dec 05, 2012 23:11

You guys are awesome!! I love the depth that you are giving to Anthony and Lee Go-eun! So many dramas characterization fall flat for me, mostly because I don't really understand their motivations, but Anthony's journey has been so rewarding! I'm also a big fan of the relationship between the two leads. I can't express how sick I am of seeing drama leads lecture and treat their partner like 5 year-olds. But refreshingly, Lee Go-eun and Anthony's relationship is built on mutual respect and trust! :dokkidokki: :dokkidokki:

There's so much praise and love I want to express but I can't seem to put it into words...other than AWESOME! :p
And if you guys are ever curious to read international reviews by a credited bloggers, I would suggest checking out DramaBeans.

Anyway, keep you the good work!!!

PS. Also love the clever PPL you are using. :snicker:

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby RougeNail » Thu Dec 06, 2012 02:27

10 Episodes in, King of Dramas is truly THE KING! My favorite Korean drama thus far! Awesome script, fresh dialogue & tightly paced drama. Kudos to the scriptwriter & director!!!

What really up the ante though is the great Kim Myung Min! Hats off to you, Mr. Kim! Truly a great actor. Your Anthony is a tour de force. Anthony Kim is a jerk (albeit a very sexy one, haha), but you've made us viewers root for this antihero Svengali, with your charismatic portrayal and commanding presence! So many great scenes of Anthony Kim - the opening speech, the action sequences running to deliver the tape, the "fight" dialogue with Go Eun on rooftop, etc. But probably those dark humor scenes of tough jerk Anthony sobbing uncontrollably are my favorite scenes of your exquisite acting! And you, sir, are Charisma on steroids! Doesn't hurt too that you have THE Sexiest voice in K-dramas! Please also keep the wardrobe of those tight 3-piece suits for as long as possible (special mention to wardrobe stylist for the discerning eye!) Kim Myung Min sshi, you're totally rocking it - the suits, the swagger, the role of Anthony Kim! I'm forever in awe:) Prior to this, I've only watched you in Beethoven Virus. But King of Dramas has made me a fan of yours!!!

The rest of the ensemble cast also rocks! Jung Ryeo Won is totally watchable as the likeable lead. Finally, a nice girl with balls! Girl Power! This is only the second time I've seen your shows since Kim Sam Soon and your acting range here is impressive! Fave scene of yours: when Go Eun douses Anthony in OJ! And whenever Go Eun goes berserk & lashes out! What a riot!

Choi Siwon is a hoot as the comic relief. Such a vast improvement from your Skip Beat role. More range too. Seems like you act best in unrestrained comedic roles? Fave scene of yours: at the orphanage. Also, props to the beach swim scene. Dedication!

Oh Ji Eun it's the first time I'm seeing you in dramas but read many favorable comments on your acting in I Live In Cheongdamdong. Hope to see more of your good acting skills in King of Dramas! Fighting!

All in all, I'm a huge huge fan of this drama! I'm in love with it! Haha. For me, the show really shines at scenes where Anthony had to hustle or rally. When he gets into his frantic firefighting, rescue mode; when he has to make it work. These moments carry the show for me, with tight script, fast pace direction and spot-on acting and physicality by the great Kim Myung Min. So looking forward to each new episode. And if the show does get extended, here's to more great episodes to keep us on our tenterhooks, to more badass Anthony Kim moments! Kudos to every cast & crew! Thanks for keeping us so entertained!:) Fighting!!!

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby Chickletta » Thu Dec 06, 2012 02:45

I just want to say that I'm loving, absolutely loving this drama. The plot is unusually tight (as far as dramas go, kk), the acting of Kim Myungmin and Jung Ryowon is epic! I am a mess waiting for each new episode. Thank you drama for bringing me many moments of pure joy and being touched. Anthony's character is larger than life and only an actor like Kim Myungmin can pull him off believably. As for the rookie writer - wow! Ms. Jung plays her with such warmth and confidence. I would love to have a friend or sister like her. What a rounded character. I love how the two comlete each other and I love the subtle romance going on that is much more moving than the usual romantic song and dance of Korean dramas. To the whole production team: please, disregard the ratings! Your drama requires a wee bit of brain and concentration on the part of the viewer, and unfortunately, in this fast day and age of fluffieness, it cannot fly high. I hope you're making enough money while still creating art. Good wishes to all, especially the lead actors who are AWESOME!!! This is not to say that others are any less great - funny Shiwon and the subtel acting of the second female lead. Everybody: FIGHTING~~~~. Greetings from your big international fan in Sungbuk-gu :-)

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby liza » Thu Dec 06, 2012 03:01

Giving props from states side, this is one of the best drama that I have seen to date. I navigated to this site and thought that I might as well write something, so I did, see the 1st sentence. But the reality is that if one of the main stars of this drama takes the time to read these messages, I will believe that it is possible to sell the Brooklyn Bridge for 1 Won. Happy filming.

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby hima » Thu Dec 06, 2012 08:04

:hello: Hello, I'm Hima from India. I absolutely love the way Anthony Kim has been portrayed. :clap: I wanted to punch him in the first episode, give him a bear hug in the second, a few pats on the back and slaps on the wrist in the later episodes.. But honestly, this is one of the best, well written and well thought out dramas to air this year. Hope your character finds his ring back.! And please keep giving us epic Anthony moments every week! 화이팅

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby Rome » Thu Dec 06, 2012 14:42

Hi I'm from the Philippines. I'm really hooked on this drama, loving every episode. All the cast are so good. I'm patiently waiting and anticipating what will happen next. Mr. Kim Myung Min's portrayal of Anthony deserves an ovation. Ms. Jung Ryeo Won's acting fits the character she's playing. I love Siwon's comedic relief also, he makes me laugh and loving him more. I can't wait to see how the relationship between the two leads will progress. Their eyes says it all no need for words, you can feel the chemistry between them. Love build on trust is so romantic.

To all the staff and crew keep up the good work!!! Fighting....

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby birabira » Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:20

To the cast and crew of 드라마의 제왕, 김명민씨 & 정려원언니!
I am writing from Australia! I've really enjoyed watching your drama so far! 정말대박입니다! 최고입니다!
I really admire the actors and its really fun to watch everyone! You've made such an excellent drama so thank you!! 김명민씨 & 정려원언니 are amazing!! I love you both!
제가 제일 좋아하는 드라마 입니다!!
그래서, 드라마의 제왕의여러분, 아자, 아자 화이팅!! 앞으로열심히하세요!!! \\(^_^)//

-Best wishes and love from Australia!!!!

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby Soleram67 » Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:31

Behind the White Tower was the 1st Korean Drama that I considered as the best drama ever. Never do I realized that KMM is the lead actor. Now, this is his 2nd drama that I watched and I can only see, KMM, you are really a seasoned actor, and because of your experience, your bring out the good & hidden talent of your co-actors. for sure Siwon is improved and I normally don't like Idol being cast.

The only thing I want to comment on the KOD drama is Anthony Kim hair style...I just wanted to see him with a more 'relax' hair and he surprised everyone with a casual outfit.

So, KMM, I have all respect for you and your talent...Keep on doing good movies. I will cheer you on.

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby kangmae22 » Sat Dec 08, 2012 21:47

I am watching King of Dramas and it's become one of my most favorite dramas of the year.
I know the viewership ratings in Korea are not that great, but there are many people watching it internationally, so please do not feel bad. ^^
I am from America and my family, friends, and I all love the drama very much.
Thank you for your hard work into making such an excellent drama and please be healthy in this cold weather. :)
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Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby heonheemoon » Wed Dec 12, 2012 01:15

Annoyhaysaeyo KMM ssi and staff!!. First of all, hats off to you and the whole production team for bringing to life the KING OF DRAMAS. It's such a good drama that I thoroughly enjoyed so far. Unlike a lot of other K-dramas, this has a story to tell which carries a much deeper meanings about human spirit, teamwork and the struggles to be a better human being. The story line is well written and the love subtle. Kudos to writer-nim and of course the MAN, Anthony Kim. Without your excellence delivery, Drama King won't be such a KING OF DRAMA!!!

Re: MMI International "Drama King" Cast & Crew greetings

Postby gossipbigbang » Thu Dec 13, 2012 15:41

it's a great drama!!!! Never mind the rating!!!!!! PLS insist your style and keep it to the end~~
THx for the wonderful performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dokkidokki: :dokkidokki:


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